Do I have to have a disabled bay in my car park? [Infographic]

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Posted by jask Media on 30 May 2022

Does your company have its own car park? If so, you may be wondering if it needs to have a disabled bay. This is a common concern, with businesses eager to ensure that they’re complying with their legal and moral obligations. Read on to find the answer to “Do I have to have a disabled bay in my car park?”

Do I have to have a disabled bay in my car park? [Infographic]

What are disabled bays?

Disabled bays are those which have been designated in a car park as being only for disabled people. These parking spaces should be at least 3.6 metres in width, which is 1.2 metres wider than standard spaces. This extra width is yellow hatched to provide better access for wheelchair users. Other motorists are unable to park their vehicles too near to the disabled person’s vehicle, which means they are able to get around more easily and safely. 

Disabled bays are usually much closer to the entrance of a building than standard spaces. This ensures that disabled people have less distance to travel from their car to their destination. 

Is having a disabled bay a legal requirement?

When considering car park markings in Sheffield and Leeds, it’s important not to forget d

Do I have to have a disabled bay in my car park?

isabled bays. Whilst there’s no legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010 to provide a specific number of disabled bays, the BSI (British Standards Institution) provides some clear guidelines to follow. It recommends that you provide at least one disabled bay for each disabled motorist working at your premises as well as 5% of the overall capacity of visiting motorists. A further 4% of spaces should be larger standard spaces. 

There’s little guidance to suggest how these BSI Standards would apply in regard to the Equality Act. However, they are likely to stand up well in Court in terms of what is a reasonable


What are the required dimensions for disabled bays?

When adding car park markings in Sheffield and Leeds, you’ll need to consider the dimensions of the spaces carefully, particularly the disabled bays. There are often concerns about the sizes of the spaces for disabled motorists. You need to ensure that they are large enough and positioned appropriately to meet the needs of disabled people. If they’re not accessible, they could be found to be ineffective. If you receive complaints about the dimensions of the spaces, you may need to make adjustments. 

As previously mentioned, the BSI British Standards Code recommends that disabled bays in car parks should be at least 3.6 metres in width. 1.2 metres of this width should make up a marked access zone between the spaces to allow for easy access. Bays should be 4.8 metres in length, with 1.2 metres of this providing a safety zone for boot access. When hiring a line marking company to add the disabled bays, make sure they’re fully aware of the required sizes for the spaces. 

Who can park in disabled bays?

Disabled Parking Bay Markings Leeds

To park in a disabled bay, a car must clearly display a ‘Blue Badge’. The ‘Blue Badge’ scheme was developed by the government to allow disabled people and those who transport them to park close to where they need to go. A Blue Badge is linked to an individual rather than a vehicle, which means it can be used with any car. This includes hire cars and taxis that a disabled person is either driving or travelling in as a passenger. 

People can apply for a Blue Badge through their local authorities. When placed in a windscreen of a vehicle, it demonstrates to parking officials that an occupant in that vehicle has a disability and is therefore within their rights to use that parking bay. Keep in mind when assessing who is using the disabled bays in your car park that not every disability is visible. Many people who are allowed to use these spaces have what’s known as ‘hidden disabilities’. This could include heart problems, brain injuries, or learning disabilities can also qualify for Blue Badges. 

Professional car park markings in Sheffield and Leeds

Now that you know the answer to “Do I have to have a disabled bay in my car park?”, you may be looking for a company to add them for you. At Road Marking Services, we’re happy to help. We specialise in car park markings in Sheffield and Leeds, with our team serving many businesses and local councils throughout the Yorkshire region.

Our operatives can apply clear and accurate disabled bays to your car park, ensuring that your disabled staff, customers, and visitors can park their vehicles safely whilst on your premises. We use state of the art equipment and hard-wearing materials to deliver a high-quality and long-lasting finish. 

When it comes to painting car park markings, we usually use thermoplastic. Its abrasion-resistant qualities make it the ideal material for this purpose. Thermoplastic markings won’t fade or degrade quickly, instead staying bright and visible over time. You won’t need to re-apply them regularly to keep them looking their best. All the work we carry out is fully guaranteed too, providing you with peace of mind that you’ll be fully satisfied with the service you receive.

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