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Different types of line marking paints and where they are used

When completing a line marking project it is important to know the pros and cons of each type of paint, and to make sure you are using the material which is best suited for your requirements.   Traffic Paint: There are a variety of types of traffic paint, the most common being epoxy paint and water-based acrylic paint. They are both traditional paints, inexpensive and easily applied with powered equipment, a roller or even a brush. It is important to consider than acrylic paint is slow drying in humid conditions, and epoxy has organic chemicals which evaporate easily. Another less common,…

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How a refurbishment will improve every aspect of your sports court

A playing surface that is old, tired, damaged, or afflicted with faded markings can affect the enjoyability, health and safety of users. If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a sports court or playing field, whether it’s located on your own property or as part of a commercial facility, it’s vital that you’re aware of the pitfalls of poor maintenance, and understand how a refurbishment can improve your sports court for the benefit of all users.    The Dangers of Poor Sports Court Maintenance  Hazards can arise if the maintenance of a sports court is neglected. Here are some of the…

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Is it time to refresh your playground markings?

Summer is approaching and so it is the ideal time to refresh your school’s playground markings and encourage the children to participate in outdoor activities once again. If your playground is starting to look a bit dated and drab, why not surprise your pupils by rejuvenating it with some bright and entertaining markings? Is it time for new, long-lasting playground markings? Over many years of constant, everyday use, playground markings can become dull and faded. The general wear and tear of children running on them makes the traditional marking paint grow faint. The normal method of creating playground markings used to…

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The Benefits of Resin Bound Stone Surfacing

For large scale and small scale surfacing construction, there are plenty of options available. While concrete is often seen as the ‘default’ surface for many, there’s another, premium, surfacing option available which has its own range of advantages for just about any urban environment. Resin bound stone surfacing is a versatile choice and, when installed by trained professionals such as Road Marking Services, brings a host of long-lasting benefits to your site. Let’s look at those benefits in more detail. What is resin bound surfacing? In a resin bound surface mix, gravel aggregates are mixed with the resin before being smoothly…

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How to Plan Line Markings Inside a Warehouse

In a warehouse environment, every inch of the building needs to be planned meticulously in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Your warehouse markings are key to this; they outline the structure and internal flow of traffic throughout the warehouse, and are also an effective method of outlining hazards, and communicating information clearly. But which areas of your warehouse need line markings? And are particular markings needed in particular places? That’s what we’re looking at in this article. Yellow lines – walkways and traffic flow Clear routes for foot traffic — as well as routes for forklifts and small…

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Charity bike ride Road Marking Services

Road Marking Services Sponsor Sheffield to the Somme Charity Bike Ride

Earlier this year, Road Marking Services were proud to offer our support one of our valued clients as they took on the monumental challenge of cycling in the Sheffield to the Somme charity bike ride. The four-day ride from Sheffield to Bapaume, France, was a major success, and we’re taking some time to highlight the campaign in our blog. What was the bike ride for? The bike ride was organised to raise money to improve the Sheffield Memorial Park – which is dedicated to the Sheffield Pals – a local battalion of Sheffield soldiers, most of whom were killed on 1st…

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Why you should use a SafeContractor approved contractor for road markings

It is imperative that you trust your contractor to complete their job to the highest standards in their industry, and with the utmost care and attention to safety. They must also provide fantastic customer service and operate within the law. These assurances are guaranteed when you choose a contractor who is accredited by SafeContractor, an independent testing body with the highest auditing standards. When your project requires precision and expertise, as is the case with road marking services, it pays dividends to employ a firm that is accredited by experts in their own field. Whether you are a business, or hiring…

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Why Warehouse Markings Are Vital For Your Workers’ Safety

The warehouse environment can be filled with hazards which pose a serious threat to the safety of your workers. From constant foot and vehicle traffic moving between rooms to workers transporting heavy loads, it’s important to keep your warehouse organised and safe for all personnel. Warehouse markings are one of the most effective and easy-to-implement safety features you can have in your warehouse, and in this article we’re looking at just why that is. Keep your warehouse in order A disorganised warehouse quickly becomes chaotic, but warehouse markings can bring order to even the most complex warehouse space. Markings can clearly…

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What Are the Benefits of Playground Markings For School Children?

The playground has long been a vital part of any school structure and can be used in a variety of ways to aid a child’s learning and development, with playground markings playing a crucial role. In this article, we will look at how playground markings are used, as well as the benefits different styles of markings can provide to children of all ages. What are playground markings used for? Playgrounds provide school children with a dedicated space to enjoy the outdoors in the safe school environment. Most playgrounds around Britain will have some form of playground marking painted on the surface, and…

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What is the Difference Between Resin Bonded and Resin Bound?

There are many situations where a slip-resistant, yet attractive surface is required. Whether it’s for safety purposes or for a decorative yet functional finish, there are two popular methods of attaining your desired result. Resin bonded surfacing and resin bound surfacing might sound similar, but there are distinct differences between the two, and this can often be confusing! In this article, we’re taking a look at both techniques, including the differences between the two and how each are commonly used for a wide range of applications. What is resin surfacing? At its core, resin surfacing relies on aggregates being ‘glued’ to…

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