Everything you need to know about tennis court refurbishment [ Infographic ]

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Posted by jask Media on 20 October 2022

Tennis court refurbishment should ideally be carried out every four to eight years. Not only is it required to keep it looking its best but it can also help to reduce slips, trips and falls. At Road Marking Services, we can refurbish your tennis court to the highest standard. Helping you keep it in optimal condition. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about tennis court refurbishment.  

Everything you need to know about tennis court refurbishment

What does tennis court refurbishment involve?

Tennis court refurbishment can involve a range of treatments being carried out. At Road Marking Services, we can bring your court back to life with our services, with our team able to perform deep cleaning, recolouring and line laying to make it not just more aesthetically pleasing but safer too. Pressure cleaning will remove dirt, grime and debris, and we may also apply a moss or weedkiller treatment if required. Once the court has been cleaned, we can apply acrylic paint, and lines will be remarked in white. 

What are the benefits of tennis court refurbishment?

Whether your tennis court or courts are for private or public use, it’s vital that they’re maintained properly. A court that’s dirty, grimy and covered in leaves won’t just affect player performance but it can be unsafe too. You might assume that you can simply use basic cleaning products yourself to clean your tennis court, but they’re unlikely to get the job done to a high enough standard. Specialist cleaning products and processes are required to deep clean a tennis court successfully. Keep reading to learn why tennis court refurbishment is so important.

Maintain its attractive appearance 

Regular tennis court refurbishment can keep it looking pristine over the months. This is especially important if you want to attract new players and keep existing ones from going elsewhere to play their favourite sport. First impressions count when it comes to tennis courts, so it’s a good idea to make sure yours is as attractive as possible. Whether your facility is a club, park or school, clean courts with rich colours and clear lines will make it far more appealing to members, visitors or students. Players are more likely to return to well-maintained tennis courts.

Improve its safety

Regular tennis court refurbishment isn’t just essential for keeping it looking its best. It can also ensure that it remains hazard-free and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries occurring. Deep cleaning can ensure that any dirt, grime and debris which can cause players to slip or trip is removed. Keep in mind that you could be left liable for injuries sustained on your court, resulting in significant costs for your club. A tennis player could possibly sue you if they have slipped and fallen due to leaves being negligently left on the court. With this in mind, it makes financial sense to invest in regular tennis court refurbishment services.  

Tennis Court Line Marking SheffieldExtend its lifespan

The tennis industry states that if a court is maintained properly, the average lifespan is approximately 25 years. Therefore, if you want it to last this long or even longer, you’ll need to ensure that you look after it over the months and years. By hiring a reputable company to provide ongoing tennis court refurbishment, you can ensure that it lasts can long as possible. At Road Marking Services, we won’t just keep it clean and clearly marked but we’ll address any problems with the court before they get worse. We’ll make sure any necessary repairs are performed right away, preventing costly bills further down the line. 

How much does tennis court refurbishment cost? 

The cost of tennis court refurbishment will depend on your requirements. For example, you can expect it to cost more for a full refurbishment service than if you only want a deep clean or the lines remarked. The price can also vary widely between providers. At Road Marking Services, we’re renowned for our competitive prices and for delivering a real value-for-money service. Although ongoing maintenance of your tennis courts can seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s worth it when you consider the many benefits it can bring. To find out exactly how much refurbishing your tennis court will cost, contact our team today. We can provide a quote for the services you require. 

Tennis court refurbishment in Leeds and Sheffield

As experts in our field, we can tell you everything you need to know about tennis court refurbishment. Our team have been returning sports courts to their former glory for over 30 years. Building a great reputation for our services. Whether your tennis court is for private use or it’s a public facility at a leisure club, park or school, we can assist. We can deep clean your court, recolour it and re-apply white lines, using the best, most effective processes and products. Our highly experienced operatives can perform tennis court refurbishment in Leeds, Sheffield and throughout the Yorkshire region. 

At Road Marking Services, we’ll use the highest quality materials to refurbish your tennis court. We use thermoplastic for line markings, which is a very durable and long-lasting product. If this can’t be used, we use various other products like Acrylic, MMA paint, Epoxy and rubber paint. All of these have been approved by the Lawn Tennis Association, ensuring a slip-resistant finish that looks simply fantastic.

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