How often should car park markings be changed?

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Posted by jask Media on 20 September 2022

If your business has a car park, you may be wondering how often you need to replace the markings. Even though the materials used for these markings are durable and long-lasting, they won’t stay looking bright and clear forever and will eventually need replacing. Read on to find out how often should car park markings be changed. 

When should I replace car park markings?

How often should car park markings be changed will depend on various different factors. These include which materials are used in their application, how much traffic the area receives, and the weather. Keep reading to learn when you should replace your car park markings. 

Which materials are used to apply car park markings?

The materials that are used to apply car park markings will be a deciding factor in how they need to be replaced. This is because some are more durable than others and tend to last much longer. For example, thermoplastic markings are more long-lasting than those made from water- or solvent-based paints. Thermoplastic car park markings last for years without fading or becoming damaged. In comparison, painted markings may only last a year or so they need to be replaced. 

Thermoplastic is an incredibly robust and hardwearing material. This makes it a very common choice for car park markings in Leeds. A homogeneous mixture of resin, filler, pigment, and glass beads, it becomes a liquid that can be easily applied to surfaces like car parks when heated. When considering how often should car park markings be changed, it’s safe to say that thermoplastic markings will last significantly longer than painted markings.

How much traffic does the car park receive?

When deciding how often the markings will be changed, it’s important to consider how much traffic the car park receives. This is because the more the markings are driven over, the faster they will fade. Markings in areas that receive high levels of traffic will need to be replaced more often in order to keep them clear and visible. Usually, once a year is sufficient. Markings in low-traffic areas may not need to be updated every two or three years. 

Whether a car park offers long or short stay parking will also be a factor. Long stay car parks tend to receive minimal traffic since cars remain parked for several hours, days or even weeks at a time. This means that markings don’t tend to fade as quickly as they would in short-stay car parks. Markings in short stay car parks usually need replacing far more often.

White Lining SheffieldWhat has the weather been like? 

The weather can have a significant impact on car park markings. With rain, snow and ice causing them to deteriorate more rapidly and appear less visible. So, when considering how often you should replace your markings, it’s a good idea to think about how much the elements have affected them in recent weeks and months. 

Markings are more likely to need replacing after winter due to the adverse weather conditions at this time of year. Areas that have been exposed to snow and ice may have had salt applied to them. Which can result in a more aggressive abrasive action on the markings. Additionally, snowploughs can affect thermostatic line markings, sometimes wearing them away completely. 

The importance of replacing faded car park markings 

Once your car park markings have become faded and less visible, it’s essential to have them replaced. Motorists and pedestrians need to be able to see the lines clearly in order to manoeuvre safely around the car park. Clear line markings tell people which way the traffic is flowing, where they can park, and which areas need to remain clear. Markings can help them identify specific spaces such as disabled spaces, parent and child spaces, and loading bays. 

Furthermore, keeping car park markings clear and visible will help to ensure that you’re complying with the law. The Government states that car park markings must be simple and clear so they can be quickly understood for increased safety and correct usage. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to take steps to prevent injury or damage from occurring in your car park. One way you can do this is to change the markings regularly to maintain their clear visibility. 

Car park markings in Leeds 

For car park markings in Leeds, look no further than Road Marking Services. We’ve been applying car park markings for many years, serving hundreds of commercial clients throughout the area. Our high-quality markings ensure that the layout of your car park is clear, organised and safe for both motorists and pedestrians to use. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials when applying markings for car parks, ensuring an exceptional finish every time. We can use different colours to create markings for specific bays. including disabled spaces, parent and child spaces and reserved spaces. Our car park markings are very hardwearing and long-lasting, ensuring that they won’t need to be replaced frequently. 

If you’re not sure how often to replace your car park markings, talk to our team. We can advise on when to change them and which materials to use to improve their longevity. We have years of experience in applying clear, accurate markings for a huge range of settings. From car parks to roads and even school playgrounds.  

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