Guide to Anti-skid Surfacing

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Posted by formed on 8 October 2016


Road safety is the most important concern when it comes to road maintenance, and there are some specific kinds of road markings which target particular dangers that drivers might face.

This month we’re looking at anti-skid surfacing, a type of road marking which has been used to great effect for many years here on the UK roadways.

What is anti-skid surfacing?

Anti-skid surfacing (also called high friction surfacing) provides roadways with high levels of skid resistance, working to improve safety in areas where collisions between vehicles – or between vehicles and pedestrians – are common or at a greater risk of happening.

Anti-skid surfacing attains its high friction properties via the calcined bauxite aggregate, which boasts high abrasion resistance as well as impressive polish resistance (which means it can maintain its surface texture for much longer than standard asphalt, even under heavy traffic wear). The aggregate has a proven history of being a reliable and effective anti-skid surface, and is key to providing junctions, warning zones and approaches to crossings with the highest possible level of safety.

Hot and cold

High friction surfacing can be applied hot or cold, using a thermoplastic binder for hot treatments, and epoxy or methyl Methacrylate (MMA) for cold applications.

Cold applied surfacing is performed by first coating the road surface evenly with the binder, which is then followed by the addition of the aggregate. Hot applied surfacing involves premixing the aggregate with the bonding agent at a high temperature, which is then applied to the chosen surface via a screed box in strip formation – this ensures maximum coverage and an acceptable texture.

Benefits of anti-skid surfacing

As we’ve said, anti-skid surfacing dramatically improves road safety for all motorists and road users. The high friction properties lead to a reduced stopping distance thanks to the vastly improved grip. This is critical for approaches to pedestrian crossings, junctions and schools. Simply put, anti-skid surfacing saves lives. It allows for greater control in adverse conditions and, due to the abrasion and polish resistance of the aggregate, can enjoy a long lifespan without suffering greatly reduced performance.

Anti-skid surfacing can also be applied to any class of road. The only requirement being that the road surface itself must be in good condition to begin with, and be suitably prepared for the application. Anti-skid surfacing will improve the skid resistance of all roadways, from motorways to small country roads, and is also used for cycle paths to help improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians alike. The application is also very efficient, offering minimal disruption to motorists and road users.

Of course, the greatest benefit of high friction surfacing is accident reduction. This not only saves many lives a year, but also proves highly cost-effective. The expenditure of the marking relative to its lifespan is low, and the costs saved in general from accidents – including those related to loss of life, vehicular damage, and expenditure for emergency services as well as governmental costs – can prove immense.

Professional installers

It’s important to ensure that anti-skid surfacing is applied by qualified professionals who can achieve comprehensive and even coverage of the road surface, using the highest quality binders and aggregates.

Road Marking Services install hot and cold applied anti-skid surfacing, planning, preparing and carrying out all projects with compliance to clause 924 of the Specification for Highway Works.

Road Marking Surfaces carry out all work with complete professional care, utilising the latest technology and highest quality equipment at all times. Our expert team are reliable and highly trained, working with safety and efficiency in mind to help make sure that all road users are enjoying as much protection as possible. For more information on all of our services, dont hesitate to contact us today our team are always happy to help.

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