Why Warehouse Markings Are Vital For Your Workers’ Safety

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Posted by formed on 28 February 2017


The warehouse environment can be filled with hazards which pose a serious threat to the safety of your workers. From constant foot and vehicle traffic moving between rooms to workers transporting heavy loads, it’s important to keep your warehouse organised and safe for all personnel.

Warehouse markings are one of the most effective and easy-to-implement safety features you can have in your warehouse, and in this article we’re looking at just why that is.

Keep your warehouse in order

A disorganised warehouse quickly becomes chaotic, but warehouse markings can bring order to even the most complex warehouse space. Markings can clearly identify different areas of a busy commercial warehouse, from storage areas for different goods and stock, to forklift routes, pedestrian pathways, entrances, exits and more.

Proper organisation is key to the safe and efficient operation of any commercial property. Keeping your warehouse clearly structured with line markings will improve general awareness of personnel, and helps to prevent accidents and collisions caused by confusion and chaos.

Separate vehicles and pedestrians

Major accidents can occur when heavy machinery such as forklifts, trailers or trucks are operated in and around pedestrianised zones. Loading bays, in particular, are common danger zones, with an estimated 25% of warehouse accidents taking place there. Line markings are an ideal way of structuring a warehouse so that pedestrian and vehicle traffic are safely separated.

Easy-to-follow pathways can be implemented throughout the warehouse, allowing forklift operators to move freely through loading and storage areas without worrying about oncoming foot traffic. Of course, employee training is equally important. When planning to incorporate line marking into your warehouse you should keep workers informed of your plans and how the markings will influence day-to-day operations.

Clear storage zones

Line markings make it easy to distinguish between different zones throughout the facility. A cluttered warehouse creates danger for all; boxes, equipment and machinery left scattered in miscellaneous areas of the warehouse create trip hazards, and a lack of discipline when storing heavy items can lead to top-heavy stacks falling down or being knocked or nudged over.

You can use line markings to create identifiable and structured storage zones for all the different items in your warehouse. Borders and grids can be used to communicate to workers the correct layout for certain objects, along with identifying areas where items should not be stored. This helps to reduce instances of boxes, crates or goods being left out in the open.

Parking areas can be laid out to your specifications, so forklifts, trolleys, pallets, cages and trailers can all be stowed in their own areas. This makes the warehouse much more manageable and predictable.


In a busy work environment, it can be tough to effectively communicate with other workers. Misunderstandings or unclear instructions can quickly lead to accidents, but warehouse markings can help to alleviate these problems.

Warehouse markings can be used as accessible and easy-to-understand forms of instruction, reducing the amount of miscommunication. With large numbers, letters and symbols painted on floors, workers have clear visual indicators to help them in a variety of ways. Safety borders can be outlined, for example, to alert workers of dangerous machinery and moving parts.

Line markings are also valuable during times of emergency. Workers should have accurate and straightforward direction during circumstances such as evacuations, and line markings can provide exactly that. Colour coded lines can guide workers to things such as fire exits, fire extinguishers, first-aid equipment, emergency phone lines and alarms; while symbols for different emergency equipment or protocols can be used to tell workers where they should and shouldn’t go during these scenarios. This is particularly important if a supervisor or member of an emergency service is unable to help in person.

Long lasting

Warehouse markings can stand up to all the traffic and wear and tear found in busy commercial premises, including forklifts, spills and heavy crates/machinery. Line markings are also easy to remove should they become outdated, and can be quickly repainted if necessary, making them perfect solutions for even large scale warehouses.

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