How a refurbishment will improve every aspect of your sports court

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Posted by jask Media on 25 November 2021

A playing surface that is old, tired, damaged, or afflicted with faded markings can affect the enjoyability, health and safety of users. If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a sports court or playing field, whether it’s located on your own property or as part of a commercial facility, it’s vital that you’re aware of the pitfalls of poor maintenance, and understand how a refurbishment can improve your sports court for the benefit of all users. 

Sports Court Markings in Sheffield

The Dangers of Poor Sports Court Maintenance 

Hazards can arise if the maintenance of a sports court is neglected. Here are some of the most common issues that can arise. 

Moss & algae growth:

Plantlife can sometimes grow on damp surfaces, including outdoor sports courts. These patches of moss and algae can become very slippery. This in turn can make it hazardous to court users, possibly resulting in injury to the players. 

Faded markings:

When lines and markings on a sports court are faded or of low quality, this can influence the impression that users have of your facility. Furthermore, this can have a negative impacting your business. It can also pose problems with the gameplay as surface markings play an essential part in determining scored points, offences, and player locations. Also faded markings will make it more difficult for the umpire or referee to determine scores and identify fouls. 

Damaged or uneven surface:

The success of sportspeople and gameplay relies heavily on the quality of the surface; this will determine the ease and speed of player movements. Furthermore, it is also essential for ensuring their safety during play. A damaged or uneven surface, whether that be an artificial or tarmacked surface, can also be a trip hazard. 


How Can A Refurbishment Improve My Sports Court? 

How a refurbishment will improve every aspect of your sports court

A professional court refurbishment will have a number of benefits for your facility, including: 

Ensures health and safety of players: Sports court resurfacing will create a brand new, even surface free of any dents or trip hazards. This means that you’re fulfilling your duty to the health and safety of the players, as well as fulfilling any legal obligations.  Here at Road Marking Services, we use paints that are LTA approved and provide LTA-approved levels of slip resistance – this gives a consistent, reassuring surface in dry and wet conditions. This applies to court paint and to lines.   

Enhance gameplay: Clear and distinct markings will improve the quality and ease of gameplay by making it easier to determine court zones, points scored, and fouls. Sports court remarking needs a professional eye which is why you should only hire a professional to complete the job, such as Road Marking Services. Our technicians will lay the marks in line with the exact requirements of your facility or sport – making sure the final result is vivid and complies to the rules of the sport. We will also advise on the best paints for a particular purpose. 

Improve its aesthetic quality: Treating your sports court a facelift will also improve its aesthetic appeal to users, which in turn will make a positive impression to everyone visiting your facility, or who may be considering using it.


Extends the life of the surface considerably: A full surface refurb can add years of life to the final result, and with regular maintenance, the lifespan of court surfaces can be extended 5 or 10 fold. Road Marking Services can also apply tarmac binders to stop and prevent further tarmac fretting.

Don’t wait until your sports court is in a state of complete disrepair before refurbishing. Keep an eye on its quality as part of your regular checks.  Failure to address the situation in a timely manner could result in the problems worsening. 

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