How long will line markings last in a car park?

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Posted by jask Media on 17 October 2021

Are you wondering how long will line markings last in a car park? If so, you’re not alone. This is a concern shared by many people, especially since they are such an essential safety component for businesses. Car parks without clear and visible white lines can cause chaos for your customers, staff, and delivery drivers, with the potential of accidents high. Read on to find out more about the durability of line markings in car parks. 

White line markings in car parks – how long do they last?

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The length of time that line markings last largely depends on three factors: what materials are used to apply them, where in the car park they are located, and the weather. 

Thermoplastic markings vs. painted markings 

Thermoplastic markings are much more durable than water-based and solvent-based painted markings. Whereas thermoplastic markings can be expected to last many years without becoming faded or damaged, painted markings may only last up to a year before needing to be replaced. Thermoplastic is incredibly tough and hardwearing, making it the first choice for car park marking in Sheffield and Leeds. 

Thermoplastic is a homogeneous mixture of resin, pigment, filler, and glass beads. When heated, the mixture becomes a liquid that can then be applied to paved surfaces such as car parks. Once the thermoplastic cools down again, it re-solidifies, sticking to the pavement. When considering how long will line markings last in a car park, it’s safe to say that those made from thermoplastic will last significantly longer than those made from paint. 

Keep in mind that the increased lifespan of thermoplastic markings compared with painted markings makes them more expensive. They are also more difficult to apply since a heat source is required. 

Heavy traffic areas vs. low traffic areas 

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The heavier the traffic, the faster the line markings will fade. You’ll need to renew white lines in heavy traffic areas more often to keep them clear and visible. If you have a large car park, you may need to remark heavy traffic areas once a year, with low traffic areas updated every couple of years. 

You should also consider whether your car park offers long stay or short stay parking. In long stay car parks, cars remain for several hours or even days at a time, ensuring that traffic flow is minimal. Line markings in these car parks are unlikely to diminish as fast as those in short stay car parks where cars are constantly coming and going. Lines in these car parks will need remarking much more frequently. 

The impact of the weather

Another factor to consider when asking how long will line markings last in a car park is the weather. Adverse weather events can have a significant impact on white lines, making them deteriorate more quickly. Winter weather is particularly challenging for line markings, with heavy rain and snow affecting their visibility. Areas exposed to heavy snowfall and ice are likely to have more salt applied to them which could potentially cause more aggressive abrasive action. Thermoplastic line markings are particularly susceptible to snowploughs, with these machines sometimes removing them completely. Keep this in mind when considering how to maintain your car park over the winter months. 

Why are clear and visible line markings so important in car parks?

Clear and visible line markings are essential in car parks. With so many vehicles manoeuvring around the space throughout the day, it’s vital that drivers and pedestrians can both clearly see the lines that indicate the direction of traffic flow and which areas need to stay clear. People need to able to quickly identify parent and child parking bays, disabled bays, and loading areas. 

Keeping your car park line markings clear will also ensure that you’re complying with your legal obligations. By law, all car parks must have clear markings to ensure the ongoing safety of motorists and pedestrians. As a car park owner, you have a duty of care to ensure that injury or damage that occurs isn’t a result of poor design or unclear line markings. There isn’t currently any guidelines surrounding how often you should update the line markings in your car park. 

Road Marking Services for car park marking 

At Road Marking Services, we’ve been applying car park marking in Sheffield, Leeds, and the surrounding areas for over 25 years, building a fantastic reputation for our professional, affordable services. We use state of the art equipment and the best quality materials to ensure a fantastic finish for line markings. We usually use thermoplastic due to its abrasion-resistant qualities and greater durability compared with alternatives such as water- and solvent-based paints. 

Our team are also highly skilled in applying company logos to car parks. Adding a colourful, eye-catching logo can enhance your brand brilliantly, creating a real focal point in your car park. Our all work is guaranteed. This means you can feel confident that we’ll apply your line markings to the highest possible standards. Our job won’t be finished until you’re completely satisfied with the work carried out.  

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For durable thermoplastic car park marking in Sheffield and Leeds, contact Road Marking Services. We’re a leader in our field in the Yorkshire region, serving many business and local councils. Call us on 0800 086 2509 to discuss your requirements. You can also send us a message via our website if you prefer. We can offer you a free survey of your site, with one of our experienced line marking operatives attending your car park to assess your needs in person. We’re very knowledgeable about line marking for car parks, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or queries.

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