How often should I refurbish and clean my tennis court?

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Posted by jask Media on 26 April 2021

Refurbishing and cleaning your tennis court should be carried out regularly by an experienced company. Not only is regular maintenance vital for reducing slips, trips, and falls, but it can also restore its appearance and attract new players. At Road Marking Services, we can offer refurbishment and cleaning services for your tennis court, helping you to keep it in optimal condition. So how often should I refurbish and clean my tennis court?

The risks of poor tennis court maintenance

Tennis Court Refurbishment in Sheffield

If debris is allowed to build up, surfaces can become hazardous and affect player performance. It’s not enough to simply rely on basic cleaning products. They won’t get the job done to a high enough standard. Specialist cleaning products are required if the right results are to be achieved. These products will keep your tennis court in good condition for longer. You can also maintain high standards by removing debris as soon as you find it and treating stains immediately.

Achieve aesthetically pleasing courts

Cleaning and refurbishing your tennis court is a great way to attract new players and prevent existing ones from heading elsewhere. First impressions definitely count, so it’s vital to keep your court looking as pristine as possible if you want to maintain or enhance your reputation. Let’s face it, a tennis court that’s aesthetically pleasing is far more enjoyable to play on. Whether your facility is a club, school, or park, or club, good courts can make it much more attractive to members, students, or visitors. Players are more likely to visit and return to well-maintained facilities.

How often should I schedule deep cleans and refurbishing?

You should arrange a deep clean of your tennis court at least once a year. Over time, weeds, moss, and debris can build up, making your tennis courts unsafe to use. Eventually, you will need to resurface the court, but regular cleaning means resurfacing doesn’t need to take place frequently. A good rule of thumb is that tennis court surfaces need refurbishing every four to eight years. However, you can extend the time between the resurfacings if the tennis court has been well constructed. At Road Marking Services, we can offer you expert advice regarding tennis court refurbishing. Our team can carry out an assessment of your court to see if work needs to be undertaken. We can offer a highly competitive quote, with our prices some of the best nationwide. 

Cleaning tennis courts with chemicals

When you are using chemicals for cleaning your tennis court, make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. If these products aren’t used properly, surface damage could occur to the surface. Furthermore, if players experience injuries as a result of poor maintenance, they could take legal action against you. Maybe you don’t have the time, experience or resources to clean your tennis court to the highest standard? If this is the case, it’s a great move to seek out help from professionals. Road Marking Services can clean your court to the highest possible standards. 

How professional court cleaners can help

How often should I refurbish and clean my tennis court?

Professional tennis court cleaners know how to use chemicals correctly. The chances of staining, paint spilling, and poor surface maintenance occurring are kept to a minimum when you use professional tennis court cleaners. Experienced tennis court cleaners can also keep moss and algae under control. They can remove moss and algae and slow down regrowth. Before the recolouring and relining occurs, they must remove all dirt and debris from the surface. If these aren’t removed, these substances will simply end up coating existing dirt. 

Professional tennis court cleaners also tend to have access to expensive cleaning equipment that you may not possess. Maintaining indoor and outdoor tennis courts can be incredibly challenging. However, you’re likely to experience serious problems if you don’t keep on top of dirt, debris, and wear and tear.

Need tennis court refurbishment or tennis court markings in Sheffield and Leeds?

If you need help with tennis court refurbishment or tennis court marking in Leeds and Sheffield, the best thing to do is to get in touch with Road Marking Services. We have three decades of experience in this area and can provide bold, visible, and accurate tennis court markings. Our markings ensure scoring is correct and players can enjoy first-class sporting experiences. We can help you optimise the appearance of your court. We’re here for you whether you’re ready to have a new tennis court laid down or wish to revamp your existing surface.

The team at Road Marking Services can carry out a thorough clean of your court before line marking commences. This ensures a totally smooth, seamless finish. We can completely refresh and restore your tennis court too, giving it a brand new lease of life. In many cases, a full refurbishment is a much better option than just going over the lines. If you have a porous tarmac court, it may have started to look faded and tired. A refurbishment can breathe new life into your facility and keep players returning. 

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