Is it time to refresh your playground markings?

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Posted by formed on 31 May 2019


Summer is approaching and so it is the ideal time to refresh your school’s playground markings and encourage the children to participate in outdoor activities once again. If your playground is starting to look a bit dated and drab, why not surprise your pupils by rejuvenating it with some bright and entertaining markings?

Is it time for new, long-lasting playground markings?


Over many years of constant, everyday use, playground markings can become dull and faded. The general wear and tear of children running on them makes the traditional marking paint grow faint. The normal method of creating playground markings used to be painting directly onto the tarmac, and having to re-do the job regularly when it became worn away. Now you can apply modern, durable materials, such as thermoplastic, over the old playground markings and create fresh, vibrant designs that will last long-term.

Types of playground markings:

  • Hopscotch squares or an agility trail for encouraging physical activity.
  • 1-100 number squares, and snakes and ladders to practice adding and subtracting.
  • Multiplication grids to learn times tables.
  • Netball or basketball line markings to motivate children to play team sports.
  • Alphabet targets, footwork vowels, and letter steps for promoting literacy.
  • Compass hopscotch or maps of the world for geography.
  • A school logo so you can present a professional look for visitors.
  • Chessboard to improve strategic thinking and focus.

How are playground markings beneficial in a child’s development?


  • Increase physical activity:

Adding playground markings to your school yard encourages children to participate in physical activity. The markings separate the playground into specific game zones which motivates the children to engage in team sports like netball, football and basketball. Because there is a variety of activities on offer, children are more likely to want to join in as well. Playground markings are also useful for teachers during PE classes as the markings give the teachers a wide range of sports and games to choose from, preventing the children from becoming bored.

Playing sports and team games in the playground is invaluable for a child’s development. It helps the child to build friendships, and teaches them how to interact in social situations. Group games teach the important skill of collaboration, and single player games teach children to take turns. There is usually less bullying in a school with playground markings because there are set zones to separate those children expelling energy on the basketball court and those relaxing and talking.


  • Enhance creativity and learning:

One of the main benefits of playground markings is that they contribute to the children’s academic learning. By choosing literacy or mathematics themed games, you can reinforce what the children are learning in the classroom. They are instantly attracted to playing on the bright and interesting markings and so are practising without even realising it. If the children are having fun they are more likely to remember the information as well. Playground markings are a great way to develop creativity and imagination in addition to academic skills. Children will do this by recreating games how they want to use them and filling in existing boxes and lines with their own ideas.

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