Is it time to refresh your playground markings?

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Posted by formed on 19 February 2024

Playgrounds are fun and educational spaces that help children of all ages play and learn. However, over time, their markings can become worn, faded, and cracked, compromising their appearance and functionality. If you’re wondering “Is it time to refresh your playground markings?”, keep reading. In this article, we’ve identified the biggest signs it’s time to reapply your playground markings.

Fading and discolouration 

The most obvious indicator that your playground markings need refreshing is fading or discolouration. Constant exposure to the elements, including strong sunlight and rain, ice, and snow, as well as heavy foot traffic, can cause markings to appear less vibrant over time. This not only affects the appearance of your playground but it can also cause confusion and compromise safety by making boundaries and game instructions unclear.

Cracks  Numbers playground markings

As time passes, cracks can begin to appear in your playground markings, ruining their visual appeal and compromising the overall functionality and safety of the play area. Cracks can occur due to a combination of factors, including the natural ageing of the materials, exposure to harsh weather conditions and high levels of foot traffic. The markings are more likely to break down faster if the surface hasn’t been prepared adequately during installation.  

Confusion during play 

If you’ve noticed children are becoming confused during play, it may be a sign that the playground markings are too faded, worn, or unclear. They may be uncertain of game boundaries or struggling to understand educational guidelines, preventing them from engaging in activities confidently and safely. With this in mind, it’s important to assess the markings regularly in order to determine whether a refresh is required. 

Markings are outdated or irrelevant 

If the markings in your playground are no longer relevant, it makes sense to update them to reflect your current learning goals. Perhaps they were once used for traditional games that no longer appeal to children, such as hopscotch or other activities that have fallen out of favour. Consider refreshing the markings to align with new teaching methods, ensuring that the playground remains a modern and dynamic space that encourages both play and learning for children of all ages.

What does refreshing playground markings involve? 

The process of refreshing playground markings involves renewing and revitalising the line markings on the surface of a playground, making them more visible, improving their appearance, and ensuring functionality and safety. 

  • Assessment. The first step is to assess the existing markings, identifying areas where they are faded, worn, cracked, or simply no longer relevant. 
  • Surface preparation. We’ll then go about preparing the surface, including cleaning it to remove dirt, debris and any paint residue. This stage is crucial to ensure that new markings adhere properly. 
  • Repairs. Repair work may be necessary if there are any structural issues with the playground surface. This could involve fixing the surface material, including addressing cracks or uneven areas that have developed over time. 
  • Planning the design. We’ll work with you to plan the new design of the refresh markings. We’ll discuss with you your educational goals and the interests of the children using the playground. We can apply playground markings for all purposes, ranging from sports game courts to number squares and dartboard targets. 

More steps:

  • Select high-quality materials. Various materials for suitable for refreshing playground markings, including thermoplastic, epoxy, acrylic and MMA paint. Thermoplastic is by far the most common due to its durability and ease of application. This material is suitable for outdoor use and can withstand environmental factors.
  • Applying the markings. We use state-of-the-art equipment to apply the playground markings, ensuring an exceptional finish. Precision is required to ensure the lines are clear and well-defined. 
  • Dry and curing. The markings need to be allowed to dry and cure thoroughly before children can use the playground. The drying time depends on which materials have been used, as well as the weather conditions. 
  • Regular maintenance. Once your playground markings have been applied, don’t simply forget about them. Schedule routine maintenance to ensure the ongoing integrity of the markings. Carrying out prompt repairs can help to extend the lifespan of the refreshed markings.

Playground markings in Sheffield 

Is it time to refresh your playground markings? If so, look no further than Road Marking Services. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, giving us a huge amount of experience in our field. We’ve applied and refreshed markings in hundreds of playgrounds over the years, building a fantastic reputation for our professional, affordable services. You can see what to expect when you hire us by taking a look at the Recent Projects page on our website. Two of these projects involve applying fresh markings to playgrounds at local schools, helping to rejuvenate their recreational spaces. Our extensive experience makes us a trusted choice for playground markings in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Whether your playground markings have faded or cracked due to age and wear and tear or they’re no longer relevant, we can assist. We can revitalise your playground markings in Sheffield, breathing new life into your play area and ensuring it remains a visually appealing, engaging and safe space for young children. Our skilled team at Road Marking Services use the latest techniques and high-quality materials, including thermoplastic, to create highly durable playground markings.

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