The importance of correct car park markings

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Posted by formed on 23 October 2020

Car Park Markings in Sheffield & Leeds

Clear, durable, and long-lasting car park markings are more important than you might think. They’re essential for businesses in a huge range of industries, from airports and hotels to restaurants and shopping centres. Car park markings play a vital role in reducing accidents, keeping pedestrians and drivers as safe as possible.

As well as enhancing safety, they also improve a facility’s efficiency by helping to control traffic and reduce congestion. Read on to find out more about the importance of correct cark park markings. 

Clear and accurate markings make a great impression Car Park Markings

The car park is the first part of your premises that people encounter when visiting your business. As such, it’s important to ensure that it leaves a great first impression. One way to do this is by providing clear and accurate markings. They should be bright, resilient, and able to direct your visitors effectively. 

High-quality car park markings will demonstrate professionalism, letting people know that you care about every aspect of your business and helping you to maintain the reputation of your organisation. At Road Marking Services Ltd, we can also lay your company logo in your car park to fit with your company branding. We can either use pre-formed thermoplastic, paint, or MMA paint (cold plastic to do this. 


Better vehicle organisation 

Car parks which have accurate line-markings are much more organised and efficient than those without. If you’ve ever attended an event and been forced to park in an unmarked field, you’ll agree that it can be a total nightmare.

That’s exactly why cark park markings are required – to prevent people parking haphazardly or anywhere they can fit their vehicle. Without them, the result can be total chaos. Professional car markings can facilitate better vehicle organisation, ensuring all cars are parked neatly and with sufficient space for vehicles to manoeuvre, enter, and exit the car park. 


Less risk of accidents 

Whatever your business, it’s vital that your premises are safe and orderly. Traffic accidents are some of the most serious that can happen on your site. They’re particularly common too, with the AA saying that at least 20% of all car insurance claims come from accidents that happened in a car park. 

Strikingly, around two-thirds of all drivers in the UK have experienced some level of damage to their cars after parking in a car park. Therefore, it’s vital that your attention isn’t placed solely inside your commercial buildings. Correct car park markings help both drivers and pedestrians to move around the area safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries occurring. 


Park several vehicles efficiently

Having a car park can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Life becomes so much easier not just for you, but your customers too. Many people are far likelier to visit a company if there’s a space for them to park their cars. However, if you do have a car park, it’s important to utilise it to its full potential. You need to be able to fit as many vehicles into the area as possible, without compromising safety. 

Car park markings are a great way to do this, helping you to make full use of all the space available. Marked car parks ensure that sufficient parking is provided for everyone. This means your customers will be less likely to turn around and go somewhere else due to their not being anywhere to park outside your business. 


Allocate parking spaces to specific people

Car Park Markings Sheffield & LeedsClear car park markings can allow you to allocate parking spaces to specific people. At Road Marking Services, we can create coloured areas for marking specific bays. This enables you to ensure that staff members, particularly managers, always have a space available when they come to work. They will have guaranteed parking spaces and won’t have to compete with customers for somewhere to park. 

You can also allocate spaces to certain groups of people, including disabled visitors or those with children. This lets you make your car park much more accessible for these groups. You can also mark out areas such as loading bays or fire lanes. 


Refresh and update fading markings 

If hundreds or even thousands of vehicles pass through your car park each day, your markings may require updating to keep them looking clear and bright. At Road Marking Services, we can re-mark your car park, returning your markings to their original condition in no time at all. We use thermoplastic for our road markings, offering a long-lasting finish. Our experienced operatives can ensure that your car park markings are very durable and able to withstand high amounts of traffic. You can rest assured that they will remain visible and readable long after we have left your site.


Hire a professional line marking company  

Line markings in car parks are vital to ensure safety as well as good traffic flow. Therefore, it’s important that they are applied by professional line marking company with a proven track record in the industry. They need to remain clear and precise over the long-term, so it’s essential that the best materials and most up to date equipment are used. 

If you require car park markings for your site, look no further than Road Marking Services Ltd. We are specialists in providing road markings, working with commercial clients throughout the UK to make their car parks safer and more organised. We’ve applied high-quality car park markings for hundreds of businesses, including shops, restaurants, and schools. We’re also local Council approved and work with councils across the country. 


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