What are the benefits of having playground markings?

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Posted by jask Media on 25 January 2021

Would you like to breathe new life into your school’s playground? If so, then playground markings could be the ideal solution. As well as being easy to lay, long-lasting, and very affordable, they come in many exciting designs. At Road Marking Services, we can install school playground markings in Sheffield, Leeds, and throughout Yorkshire. Read on to find out what benefits playground markings can bring to your school and pupils.

6 benefits of playground markings for schools

Carefully considered playground design can offer many benefits for children. Playground markings can be laid which increase physical activity levels, promote learning, and encourage social interaction. Here are six ways pupils can benefit from playground markings.

Encourage physical activity in break times

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NHS research says that children aged between five and 18 need a minimum of one hour of exercise per day. However, this is a difficult target to achieve, with many not getting sufficient exercise whilst at home. Therefore, investing in playground markings can be a great way to encourage pupils to be active during the school day. One of the biggest strengths of these markings is that they are ideal for team sports such as football, netball, and basketball. There are also various markings designed for other fun games and activities too, including hopscotch and snakes and ladders. Playground markings can inspire children and encourage them to partake in physical activity during break times, helping them to get the exercise they need every day.

Better PE provision

Physical education can inspire and challenge pupils. As well as improving health, it can also boost learning achievements and help develop positive relationships. Unfortunately, PE provision isn’t great in many schools across the UK, with cuts being made to this area of education. For an affordable way to improve PE lessons in your school, consider investing in playground markings. They can be an extremely useful lesson resource. Creating different zones can give teachers a wider range of games and activities to use during PE sessions, helping them to keep them varied, enjoyable, and engaging. This lets them tailor their lessons to pupils’ different interests and skills.

Helps develop children’s social skills

Playground markings are fantastic for encouraging physical activity, and this, in turn, can help to foster and cultivate friendships between pupils. Playground design can facilitate group games which encourage children to communicate and collaborate. They learn to work as a team and interact with each other positively. Children can also learn and develop useful skills and attributes such as turn-taking, respect, patience, and empathy. Those who would normally be shy and reserved are often able to communicate more easily when playing sport and games. This helps them to create the basis for long-lasting friendships outside of the game too.

Reduce instances of arguments and bullying

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As previously mentioned, playground markings are often used to provide distinct zones. Creating these clear yet subtle boundaries for pupils can be helpful as it gives them not just the freedom to join in games, but space they need to stay away from the action if they prefer. For example, children who don’t want to join in a basketball game are less likely to position themselves within the court when there are markings making the boundaries clear. A quiet area can be designated on the playground for children who would prefer to relax and chat. This allows different groups to enjoy their break time and socialise how they want whilst helping to avoid arguments and disagreements on the playground.
Helping children learn whilst having fun

Playground markings do so much more than help children to exercise and stay active. At Road Marking Services, we can create playground designs which are educational and allow kids to learn whilst having fun. Markings can feature both numbers and words, making them ideal for learning both maths and spelling. Playground markings can offer a useful and innovative lesson resource, helping to support learning activities across the curriculum. Whether it’s counting to 20 or learning the alphabet, we can create a range of fantastic games and activities with playground markings. Choose from number squares, dartboard targets, snakes and ladders, and so much more.

Create a professional look

At Road Marking Services, we can lay your school logo on your playground. Not only will it bring to life your empty black tarmac, bringing a unique flair to the space, but it will also create a highly professional look. Emblazoning your logon on your playground is the ideal way to welcome visitors to the school. Many of our customers have chosen to complete their markings with school messages or slogans. We can work with you closely to ensure the finished result is just as you envisaged.

Choose us for school playground markings in Leeds and Sheffield

There’s no better company for school playground markings in Leeds and Sheffield than Road Marking Services. We’ve been providing colourful and educational playground markings to schools across the region for many years. Our experienced team are incredibly skilled and we use the latest, most up to date equipment to ensure a perfect finish for playground markings. We also use the most durable materials, including thermoplastic. Therefore, we’re very confident we can provide a service which meets your needs and expectations. When you do business with Road Marking Services, a high standard of workmanship is guaranteed. You can expect your playground markings to last many years before needing to be replaced. They’ll stay looking clear and vibrant for a long time to come.

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