What Are the Benefits of Playground Markings For School Children?

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Posted by formed on 30 January 2017


The playground has long been a vital part of any school structure and can be used in a variety of ways to aid a child’s learning and development, with playground markings playing a crucial role. In this article, we will look at how playground markings are used, as well as the benefits different styles of markings can provide to children of all ages.

What are playground markings used for?

Playgrounds provide school children with a dedicated space to enjoy the outdoors in the safe school environment. Most playgrounds around Britain will have some form of playground marking painted on the surface, and these can vary from grid-based games like snakes and ladders, to hopscotch squares, coloured lines, football pitch markings and more.

Playground markings are used to initiate imaginative play, encourage different learning styles and extend learning beyond the classroom, giving children a unique and timeless way of enjoying and achieving during break time. The beauty of playground markings is their customisability, with unique designs available to cater to specific interests and ages, and a range of colours used to create incredibly striking and exciting designs to encourage fun for all.

Resources for Learning


Playground markings can be used to provide engaging learning experiences. For younger children, markings can be designed to help teach early learning concepts in a fresh and interactive way. Mathematics, English and phonics can be supported in many different ways on the playground.  

Children can enjoy a structured number-based game, or use the existing markings to create their own games as they develop. Playground markings are versatile resources for learning that can be used throughout a child’s school life as their learning develops.

Sports and fitness

Playground markings are one of the best ways to encourage an active lunchtime break. You can dedicate space to painted tennis, volleyball or basketball courts, as well as small-scale football pitches. Children of all ages can use these to engage in meaningful play.

Giving children the tools to participate in physical activities is a great way to nurture crucial personal and social skills too. Sport has always been a great method of instilling lessons about teamwork, resilience and communication, and playground markings are one of the most effective ways to nurture this away from the timetabled sports hall or school gymnasium settings.

Social and personal skills

The playground is an extension of the classroom and is a place where early social learning takes place. This is in no small part thanks to creative use of playground markings. Aside from traditional sporting markings, designs such as; painted mazes, maps, life-size board games, dart board targets and A to Z throwing targets will give children plenty of opportunity to work and learn together.

Markings like these, which appeal to the imagination and encourage collaboration between children, can further develop vital interpersonal skills. At the same time, some markings will also improve skills such as hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills and spacial awareness. Target games are perfect for this, and even simple coloured line patterns can be used in creative ways – a modified version of tag, for example, where children have to stick to the lines.

Games like these combine interaction with precise action and can become a staple of a child’s break time fun for years to come.

Easy to install and long lasting


One of the most appealing benefits of playground markings is how easy they are to implement on your playground surface. Thermoplastic markings are commonly used to mark playgrounds, and these are incredibly quick to lay, being ready for use the same day. Thermoplastic playground markings are highly durable, standing up to prolonged rainfall and heavy use, so can remain in place for years at a time.

Playground markings can be designed in any shape, pattern or layout desired, so you can keep your playground constantly updated with fresh new markings to keep children constantly engaged. You can even recruit the aid of the children themselves when it comes to deciding what kinds of markings should adorn your playground. Seeing a child’s idea come to life on the playground will make any playground marking feel even more special, and drives home the idea that the playground is a child’s space to feel free and have fun.

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