What steps do I need to take for car parking lines?

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Posted by jask Media on 20 April 2023

If you’re wondering “What steps do I need to take for car parking lines?”, keep reading. If you are about to paint car parking lines but need to know what you need to do before applying them, this article is for you. There are many options available to you whenever you need help with car parking line application and road marking removal Sheffield. Read on to find out more about the steps you need to take when applying new markings.

Choose the right materials for car parking lines 

When you’re in the process of adding new car parking lines to your environment, make sure you’re using the right materials. High-quality paint will last for several years and won’t prematurely crack. Some of the most popular options for painting car parking lines include oil-based and water-based paints. Thermoplastic lines have become increasingly popular over the years too, offering a superior finish in many cases. 

Water-based paint

Water-based paints are compatible with the vast majority of existing line markings. This paint is good for the environment, though it’s best to apply them in warmer weather. Quick-drying water-based paints are available for those with limited time. Water-based paint is also easy to clean up.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint can be used in cooler weather. However, they do take a while to dry and you’ll need a solvent for cleaning them. Nonetheless, the end result can last for a very long time.

Thermoplastic line marking tape

Thermoplastic line marking tape offers a range of benefits. It is suited for most concrete and tarmac surfaces and is lead-free and reflective. It is noted for its quick curing time, and your car park can be used almost instantly once you have applied it. Thermoplastics can last for longer than paints and are much thicker.

Use the correct tools

You’ll need to ensure you’re using the right equipment for the job before you go ahead and add new lines to your car park. If you’re working in a small space, you might only need a small roller or a brush to paint the lines. Perhaps you’re working in a larger space? If so, you may need access to a line marking machine. This will help you complete the job quickly and create a more professional look. These machines come with fully adjustable rollers that ensure you’re applying the right amount of pressure. You can also adjust the flow rate of the paint. If you’re opting for line marking tape, use a special gas torch that can melt the tape to the substrate.

Fully prepare the area

Before you apply new lines to your car park, you will have to prepare the area. Remove all dirt, debris, leaves and rubbish from the space. You may need to use a blower if you’re working in a larger space. A wire brush may be required if you have small loose gravel to contend with. The surface needs to be clear to ensure the paint sticks effectively.

Check for cracks

It’s also wise to check for cracks that require filling before you go ahead and add new lines. If you don’t fill the cracks, it could be all too easy for paint to fall down them. This could compromise the way your lines look. Filling in cracks now can also prevent them from becoming bigger, tougher and more expensive to deal with further down the line.  

Car Park Line removal in LeedsTime to begin

Once you selected the right paint or tape, removed debris from the space and filled in any cracks, you’ll be ready to start. If you’re applying paint by hand, don’t rush things as this could compromise accuracy. Maybe you’re opting to use a line marking machine? If so, make sure you’re confident with it first. It’s important to know exactly how the machine works before you start using it.

Why is preparation so important when it comes to car parking lines?

It’s vital that you prepare carefully before you add lines to your car park. The purpose of adding lines to your car park is to ensure traffic is directed properly. Car parking lines ensure your customers are parking where they should be. They also ensure delivery drivers are heading to the right areas of your car park. If your car parking lines have started to fade, it’s wise to have them repainted as soon as you can.

When your car parking lines have begun to fade, they can become harder to read. This means motorists can find it difficult to find their way around your car park and drive to where they need to be. Ensuring your lines are clearly visible can prevent accidents including collisions. Another reason for repainting your car park lines is that it can make your business appear more professional and enhance your reputation.

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