Why would road markings need removing? [ Infographic ]

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Posted by jask Media on 16 March 2023

Are you wondering “Why would road markings need removing?”. Then you’re not alone. This is one of the most popular questions we get asked here at Road Marking Services. Road marking removal occurs more frequently than you might think, with a number of possible reasons for getting rid of them. Road markings often need to be removed because they are no longer relevant. However, removal can also occur because the marking has started to fade away and isn’t as visible as it once was. It’s vital that road markings are clearly visible to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. Visible road markings that offer clear instructions to pedestrians and motorists are essential for navigation as well as safety. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how road markings keep people safe, what can cause them to wear down, and the various methods available to you if you need to replace them. 

Why would road markings need removing


What are the purposes of road markings?

Road markings can help motorists navigate the roads of Britain safely and prevent accidents. They can also let drivers know which lane they need to be in and when they need to reduce their speed. Road markings can alert people to hazards, tell them where to park and let them know where they can’t leave their vehicles. They require removal when they no longer serve their purpose and the instructions they give become irrelevant due to changes in the wider environment.

Can road markings wear down over time?Car Park Line removal in Sheffield

Although road markings can normally last for many years, they can become illegible over time. They can be affected by the weather as well as the vehicles which are driven across them. It’s normal for wear and tear to damage road markings over several years, especially on busier roads. When people can no longer understand what a road marking is telling them due to wear and tear, it’s time to replace it.

Why is correct road marking removal so important?

Errors in the road marking removal process can be very problematic. If poor-quality road marking removal occurs there’s a strong chance of damage to the road itself. It can take a great deal of time and money to repair this damage. Road markings need removing completely so that remnants of them don’t stay visible. It’s essential to remove the shadow of a road marking to ensure the one that replaces it is easily understood. If traces of a previous road marking are still visible, this can leave motorists confused and cause them to make poor and dangerous decisions.

Challenges faced by road marking specialists

Erosion is always a concern for those in charge of maintaining and repairing road markings. Traffic and weathering can cause road markings to last for significantly less time than intended. A report carried out by the Road Safety Marking Association in 2012 found that a substantial number of the white lines on Britain’s A-roads were so worn out they were no longer meeting recognised standards. Road markings can play a big role in preventing accidents, especially on tight countryside roads, where it can be hard to determine whether two cars can pass each other safely. Read on to find out more about why would road markings need removing. 

Why might a road marking need updating?

Road markings need updating more often than you might think. Even if a road marking is clearly visible, it may still need replacing when changes are made to a road layout, when a new bus lane or cycle path is added or when an area has a change of use. Markings often need replacing in places like car parks when they are undergoing change.

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How are road markings removed?

There are various techniques that can remove a marking from a road. Factors that can determine which technique is used can include the road surface itself, the client’s budget and their specific preferences. Many clients need the work to occur as quickly as possible and in the most cost-effective manner that they can. One of the reasons road marking removal and replacement often needs to be done so quickly is that the area may remain out of action whilst the work is carried out.

One of the most popular methods used for removing a marking from a road is hydroblasting. This is a quick method which involves blasting water at the road surface from a specialist vehicle. This method is comparable to a high-pressure type of jet wash. This method requires no chemicals or scraping tools. Alternatively, specialists can burn off road markings with hot compressed air that reaches an extremely high temperature. However, this technique is not suitable for many surfaces as the heat can damage them. Another option is scabbling. This option involves the use of small tungsten blades that scrape the markings away. However, this option can also damage the surface.

Who can carry out road marking removal in Sheffield?

At Road Marking Services, we can help whenever you need road marking removal in Sheffield. We have been in the business for over 25 years and only ever use the best and most suitable techniques for removing markings from the roads of Sheffield and further afield. All of the work that we carry out comes with a full guarantee, and our services are available 7 days a week. We are proud to count a large number of well-known and prestigious organisations as part of our client network. These include various local authorities.

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