Which is better paint or thermoplastics for line markings?

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Posted by jask Media on 19 September 2021

Many people wonder ‘Which is better paint or thermoplastics for line markings?’. In this article, we will discuss the key differences between paint and thermoplastics and why one option may be better for your needs than the other. Once you know the key differences between paint and thermoplastics, you can come to an informed decision on which option is right for you.

Paint versus thermoplastics

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If you need to create markings on roads, lanes and paths to guide the movement of traffic, you will need to choose a solution that’s up to the job. Conventional water-based paints are not suitable for many scenarios are they are simply not durable enough for certain tasks. This is why thermoplastics are increasingly popular for those who need to add lines and markings to surfaces that people drive and walk along.

What is thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic is a dry mixture of materials including resin, glass beads, filler and pigment. Once the mixture has undergone heating, it turns into a liquid. It can then be applied either by spray or extruded onto the surface. The heat cures the liquid, turning it to a solid form. When applying thermoplastic, the heat needs to be at least 50 F. It’s also important to protect it from moisture for 24 hours. 

Preformed thermoplastics are also available. These materials are taken to the site in pre-made form and have already been cut into specific shapes and symbols. They are normally used for intersection markings. Preformed thermoplastics are normally added to the surface before they are heated up by a propane torch. The markings are then cured via heat.

How long do thermoplastics last?

Thermoplastics normally last for up to five years. During the winter, they are vulnerable to snow ploughs which can erase them from the road, either partially or in full. Cold weather can also cause cracks, grooves and pinholes to appear in the markings. It’s important that thermoplastic are heated at high temperatures between 400 and 450 F if they are to be effective. Thermoplastics aren’t always a great match for concrete unless primers are applied prior to the process getting underway.

What are the advantages of using paint for road markings?

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Affordability is the most obvious reason why someone would opt for paint even after reading up on ‘which is better paint or thermoplastics for line markings. Paint can do the job fairly well for a while at least before it needs reapplying. Your options when it comes to painting for road markings include solvents, resins, binders and pigments. Paint may not last if you are applying markings to heavy-use road surfaces frequently driven over by trucks and lorries. 

One big benefit of opting for paint is that it dries very quickly. Paint is often fine for surfaces such as tennis courts and other recreational environments too. The area that you’re applying markings to can also determine which option is right for you. If you’re applying markings to surfaces that aren’t in regular use, such as minor country roads, the paint may be the right solution. However, if you need a solution for a heavy-use surface like a busy road, you may be best opting for thermoplastics. Epoxy is also becoming more popular as a surface marking solution too.

How to choose the right company for line marking solutions?

If you need to find a quality company for line markings in Sheffield & Leeds, it’s important to choose very carefully. Make sure any line marking company that makes bold claims about their quality can back up these statements. A reputable line marking company will have many years of experience to draw upon and will specialise in various areas, such as airport, car park, road warehouse, sports court marking and so on.

Why choose us?

At Road Marking Services Ltd, we have many years of experience behind us when it comes to providing line-markings in Leeds and Sheffield. We are local council-approved and proud of our sky-high standards. Our highly-trained line marking operatives are passionate about quality, and no job is too big or small for them.

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We are specialists in car parks, safety, playground, sports ground, warehouse, airport, road and playground marking. We always use the right materials for the job in question and have been in the business for over 25 years. Many of our competitors have entered and exited the market over the past quarter of a century.

Why thermoplastic is the right choice for most projects

We use thermoplastic for the vast majority of the projects we take on. This is because it is incredibly durable and known for drying quickly. It also meets several safety and performance standards. Some surfaces require different materials, and we can apply these whenever necessary. 

These can include epoxy, water-based paint, acrylic paint and chlorinated rubber paint alongside acrylic and MMA paint. This approach ensures we can help you regardless of what your needs are. What’s more, is that all the work that we carry out is fully guaranteed. Free quotations and site visits are also available so you know how much the job will cost you before you agree to anything.

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