7 Ways to Improve Car Park Safety in Winter

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Posted by formed on 16 November 2023

Our guide to 7 ways to improve car park safety in winter has been carefully crafted to ensure you can avoid accidents and injuries whilst people are out driving during the colder months of the year. Cold weather can make it much more difficult to maintain car safety. However, there are many steps you can take to keep danger to a minimum when temperatures drop. If you’re a car park manager looking to improve safety in winter, you can always invest in professional car park marking in Leeds.

Why is a car park safety plan so important?

Employers who have on-site car parks have a duty of care towards their employees and visitors. This duty of care extends to both external and internal spaces. Car parks must be maintained to a high standard all year round. However, this can be more challenging during the winter. Ice and snow can cause trips, skips and skids. This can cause injuries and even fatalities. They can also result in legal action being taken against your business.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways to improve car park safety in winter right now.

Carry out a risk assessmentCan you still paint road markings in the winter

A great first step to take is to carry out a risk assessment of your site so you can identify potential car park hazards. This risk assessment will help you to create a plan to keep risks to a minimum. Pay close attention to areas that could cause the biggest problems during the winter. These may include slopes, areas under trees and entrances. You’ll need to update your assessment in future, particularly if the layout of your car park changes.

Install safety signs

Some people can act on autopilot even during the coldest and iciest days. However, by installing a few signs, you can remind people of the need to slow down and remain vigilant of hazards. This can encourage motorists and pedestrians to change their behaviour.


When the days are darker and shorter, people are more likely to arrive and leave your site in the dark. A lack of light can have a big impact on visibility and therefore safety. Your car park should feature sufficient lighting to ensure motorists and pedestrians are able to clearly see any dangers and obstacles that might be facing them, even during the darkest moments.

Clear debris away

Fallen leaves and twigs can cause big problems in terms of pedestrian safety and tyre grip. These can become even more challenging during heavy rain and snow. Make sure debris is regularly swept away to keep your car park free of obstacles.

Think about installing flood-barriers

Wet weather is likely to occur almost daily over the coming months. This is why it’s such a good idea to install flood barriers in your car park. This can heighten safety standards and ensure your car park is functional even during the heaviest downpours.

Snow clearance and gritting

It’s vital to ensure your car park is gritted when icy weather is due to strike. Even if vehicles are being driven slowly around your car park, any loss of tyre grip can cause an injury. This is the case no matter how slowly the cars are moving. As there are normally several vehicles in a car park at the same time, thousands of pounds of damage may occur if a collision happens.

Add anti-skid markings and surfacing

Anti-skid surfacing ensures your car park is safer both now and in the future. Special paints can be chosen for markings in order to deliver a high-quality grip for pedestrians and motorists. This is very important when conditions are icy. You can also opt for anti-skid paints of different colours to divide your car park. Make sure all markings are laid down by highly experienced professionals who can provide total accuracy. It’s also essential that the operatives use the very best technology. 

How to choose the right provider of road markings in Leeds

Now you’ve read our 7 ways to improve car park safety in winter, you may be wondering who can help when you need quality car park marking in Leeds. If you do need to find someone to install road markings in your car park, seek out a company that has a proven track record and many years of experience. You can always ask to see evidence of their previous work and speak to former clients. The company must adhere to industry standards and regulations. They should also have proper insurance coverage. By carefully considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing a road marking services company.

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