The Benefits of Resin Bound Stone Surfacing

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Posted by formed on 31 March 2019

For large scale and small scale surfacing construction, there are plenty of options available. While concrete is often seen as the ‘default’ surface for many, there’s another, premium, surfacing option available which has its own range of advantages for just about any urban environment. Resin bound stone surfacing is a versatile choice and, when installed by trained professionals such as Road Marking Services, brings a host of long-lasting benefits to your site. Let’s look at those benefits in more detail.


What is resin bound surfacing?

In a resin bound surface mix, gravel aggregates are mixed with the resin before being smoothly laid and trowled as a single, connected surface layer. There are no loose stones and the surface is porous, flat and smooth. This makes it an attractive, durable and multi functional surface which can play a key role in numerous outdoor environments — particularly concentrated in urban settings.


An attractive finish

Moving away from the  dull grey of concrete, resin bound surfaces provide an attractive aesthetic which will bring colour to residential and commercial premises. From pathways to outdoor plazas and even car parks, resin bound surfacing is both visually pleasing and highly functional.



With slip resistance and reliable traction being two key properties of resin bound stone surfaces, they can be installed to suit a wide range of applications and environments. You can easily improve the level of accessibility and safety across your premises with resin bound surfaces; they are ideal for wheelchair ramps and borders/paths surrounding swimming pools, as well as footpaths, outdoor staircases and more.

Resin bound surfaces are also perfect for decorative use in parks, playgrounds and public gardens. Surfaces can be installed in a variety of colours, incorporating coloured glass to perfectly match the requirements of any client.


Porous and SuDS compliant – great for urban locations

One of the main benefits of resin bound surfacing is its porous nature. In urban areas — especially city centres where natural drainage solutions are scarce and water retention risks are high — using a resin bound surface can help to mitigate flooding or surface water runoff. When installed strategically by a professional team, your resin bound surface will allow rainwater and any standing surface water to slowly drain through to the ground below. Because of this, a resin bound surface is SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage System) compliant, meaning it can be used to provide a premises with a reliable, unobtrusive and effective drainage solution.


Durable and low maintenance

Unlike resin bonded surfaces — where stones can often come loose — resin bound stone surfaces are, once set, extremely hard-wearing. Not only does this mean that the attractive, smooth finish will last for many years to come, but it will do so without the need for intensive or regular maintenance.

These surfaces also resist the growth of weeds, so all the maintenance you’ll ever need to do is a regular clean to remove any debris or dirt, and perhaps a power wash to keep it looking as good as new. Of course, to ensure this is the case, you should always choose an experienced and reputable company to install your resin bound surface — such as Road Marking Services.



Road Marking Services works with commercial clients as well as local authorities to install resin bound surfaces for a variety of outdoor environments. Whether youre looking to improve the aesthetic, safety, drainage or accessibility of your premises, our expert team is on hand to help. To find out more, simply contact us today.

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