Posted on 26 April 2021

How often should I refurbish and clean my tennis court?

Refurbishing and cleaning your tennis court should be carried out regularly by an experienced company. Not only is regular maintenance vital for reducing slips, trips, and falls, but it can also restore its appearance and attract new players. At Road Marking Services, we can offer refurbishment and cleaning services for your tennis court, helping you to keep it in optimal condition. So how often should I refurbish and clean my...

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Posted on 25 March 2021

What are ghost markings on our roads?

So what are ghost markings on our roads? Line markings are one of the most important aspects of road safety. They separate traffic effectively and tell road users where they should be and what they are allowed to do. However, when we remove road markings due to changes in layout, ghost markings sometimes appear. These markings can confuse road users, potentially leading to accidents occurring. Read on to find out...

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Posted on 27 February 2021

What is the history of road markings?

Road markings may seem like they’ve been around forever, however, that’s just not the case. So what is the history of road markings? The first road markings in Sheffield, Leeds, and across the UK were only introduced in 1918, coming in the form of the famous white line. Road markings grew considerably throughout the ‘20s, although it wasn’t until 1926 that office guidelines on their use were introduced by the...

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Posted on 25 January 2021

What are the benefits of having playground markings?

Would you like to breathe new life into your school’s playground? If so, then playground markings could be the ideal solution. As well as being easy to lay, long-lasting, and very affordable, they come in many exciting designs. At Road Marking Services, we can install school playground markings in Sheffield, Leeds, and throughout Yorkshire. Read on to find out what benefits playground markings can bring to your school and pupils....

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Posted on 22 November 2020

How are road markings removed?

Road markings must be durable and long-lasting, but robust markings that stand the test of time may present big challenges when they need to be removed. At Road Marking Services Ltd, we specialise in road line removal in Sheffield and Leeds, providing a valuable service to hundreds of local clients over the years. Read on to find out how markings are removed from the roads and why the removal process...

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Posted on 23 October 2020

The importance of correct car park markings

Car Park Markings in Sheffield & Leeds Clear, durable, and long-lasting car park markings are more important than you might think. They’re essential for businesses in a huge range of industries, from airports and hotels to restaurants and shopping centres. Car park markings play a vital role in reducing accidents, keeping pedestrians and drivers as safe as possible. As well as enhancing safety, they also improve a facility’s efficiency by...

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Posted on 23 September 2020

What should I look for in a road marking company? 

Road Marking Company in Sheffield Professionally applied road markings are essential in a variety of settings, helping to keep drivers and other road users safe and reduce congestion. However, choosing a road marking company to carry out work on your site can be tough, particularly with so many of them offering their services in your area.  Road marking may look like a simple task. However, it actually requires a high...

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Posted on 28 February 2020

Resin Bound vs Concrete: Which Is Better for My Driveway? 

Everyone wants a strong, durable driveway for their property. But which material should you opt for? Two popular choices are concrete and resin bound, celebrated for their strength and load-bearing ability.  In this article, we’ll explore these two material types and look at their pros and cons, to help you make a decision that’s right for your home.   What is Resin Bound?  A mixture of resin and aggregates laid...

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